The wedding planning industry has been shaped by the growing needs to reduce the bride’s time and effort in preparing for the most pivotal day of her life – Her Wedding.  Wedding planning in and around the Charlotte area has also been shaped by the customers’ desire to have a perfectly planned and executed event with as little stress as possible.  Most individuals live on a budget and have come to the realization that they cannot effectively make the preparations by themselves, therefore, such bride’s seek professional advice (A Wedding Planner) to ensure that all important aspects of the event meet and exceed their perceived expectations.

I have been a wedding planner in the area for approximately 29 years and I have found the critical tool that makes my expertise competitive is that under a single roof all aspects of the wedding event can be coordinated and planned.  As a Wedding Planner, it is important to seek out the needs of the Bride and Groom and plan their pivotal day in a unique and creative way.  I began my career shortly after I was married in 1988 to the love of my life and my high school sweetheart, Larry McIlwaine.  I began seeking God’s face with a determination that I would become ALL that He intended of me to provide a place to communicate positive directions to the men and women that choose life as one.  It is a passion to minister to every young lady that embarks on this new journey and share with them the joy of marriage as husband and wife and to give hope and encouragement as they plan out this lifelong commitment.  With this passion, God opened a door for me to begin my bridal business.  I received my “Registered Bridal Consultant (RBC)” title in 2005, to expand my knowledge of this ever changing industry.  This knowledge allows us to begin our planning with a budget, knowledge of their hopes for their wedding day, setting themes, colors and choosing vendors that will meet their expectations.  Knowledge of different cultures, religions and family traditions is incorporated to distinctively create unique weddings.

Having this type of knowledge in the wedding industry, professional skills, resources, up to date research, reliability and respect is what makes us unique – your first and lasting impressions are foremost important to me….you are my product and you matter.