Il Bella Colonna
Il Bella Gardens features a Romantic open-air columned pavilion which can seat up to 200 people with a dance floor. Shear drapery between the columns adds an extra touch of elegance. The edged oak ceiling is adorned with ceiling fans for those balmy Southern summer events. While recessed dimmable lighting help to set the ambiance.

Il Bella Cottage
The beautiful enclosed cottage can be used for gathering together before the ceremony, storage of items, location to serve food and more.  The cottage includes a prep kitchen and bathrooms. And what Southern cottage would be complete without a cobblestone patio with many opportunities for story telling?

Sites for Your Ceremony
There are several locations on the property of Il Bella Gardens for your perfect ceremony setting including a large, open grassed area or a more private area nestled in the trees.

Included Conveniences:

  • White wooden chairs
  • 5′ round tables
  • Rectangular and Bistro tables
  • Table centerpiece options
  • On-site guest house
  • Our standard linens are included or we can arrange for your custom-color linens
  • Wedding planning assistance
  • Gorgeous flower gardens & landscaping